OTS : First and only accredited Calibration Lab in Myanmar


Quality Assurance & Quality Control: What Can OTS Do for You?

Our proven model has allowed us to manage teams, technicians, while we offer a seamless transition to our clients with no disruption to production. Our Quality Assurance & Quality Control management team is backed by more than 35 years of combined experience of our Parent company OMC, as well as the benefit of increased technical capabilities found in our fully accredited ISO 17025 calibration labs. With a long track record, and references countrywide, it is easy to see why companies will choose OTS for quality assurance.

Standard Calibration

If you need a high-quality calibration, OTS’s Standard Calibration includes a calibration certificate that verifies that your product meets its original performance specifications. We strictly follow our calibration procedures as per ISO 17025.

Steps in Calibration Process ISO17025 Accredited w/Data Standard
Pre-adjustment verification Yes Yes Yes
“Before” (as found) adjustment measurement report Yes Yes Yes
Instrument adjustment if found out of tolerance Yes Yes Yes
Certificate of calibration Yes Yes Yes
Fully traceable to national and international standards Yes Yes Yes
Measurement uncertainties provided with data Yes Yes Yes
Accredited to ISO 17025 standard Yes Yes Yes