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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is calibration?

Calibration is the process of comparing the accuracy of an instrument reading to known standards. The standards may be maintained by a national or international organisation.

What is NABL?

The National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL) is the Indian national accreditation body recognised by International authorities to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services.

An organisation gaining NABL accreditation has demonstrated its competence, impartiality and performance capability.

OTS achieved NABL accreditation in 2013. As an NABL accredited laboratory the OTS Calibration service is very closely monitored by NABL to ensure that it is end-to-end compliant.

What is NABL calibration?

When you request the NABL level of service you will receive a certificate carrying the NABL logo, recognised as the industry mark of quality.

This gives you confidence that the calibration has been carried out to the high standards required by NABL and that all measurements can be traced back to international standards.

What is OTS standard calibration?

When you request OTS standard calibration, the measurements reported on the certificate are also carried out using equipment with values traceable to international standards. All procedures employed and results reported are in compliance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Equipment calibrated to OTS standard will gain an OTS approved certificate.

What's the difference between NABL and OTS standard calibration?

From a technical perspective, there is no difference between NABL and OTS service levels. All calibration is carried out in the same laboratory by the same personnel using the same calibration procedures and equipment.

From an accountability perspective, many businesses require the NABL endorsement in order to maintain compliance.


Traceable to national standards Yes Yes

NABL approved laboratory No Yes

ISO9001:2008 Yes No

NABL approved certificate No Yes

How do I get my existing instrument calibrated?

The process for online booking of calibrations is below and on our Calibration request form.
• Complete the form and press ‘Send Now’
• Your request will be received at the OTS Calibration booking desk
• You will receive an e-mail quoting your unique sales order number for the booking, a quotation for carrying out the work and collection details
• OTS will calibrate your instrument and return it to you within mentioned working days from collection as per your order
• We always track our parcels and provide proof of delivery
Call us direct on +8801755585553-7 and we will make a booking for you.

• Simply supply your details together with a preferred collection date and we’ll do the rest
• Once calibration is complete your equipment will be returned to you and will require a signature to confirm receipt

Through an OTS trade counter
Visit any OTS trade counter to drop off your equipment or arrange collection.

• You will receive an order confirmation form with your unique sales order number
• The branch will arrange for the instrument to be transferred to our NABL accredited laboratory
• OTS will calibrate your instrument and return it to you within mentioned working days from collection as per your order
• We can return the package to you directly, or arrange for it to be available for collection at your drop off point

Can I get an electronic version of my calibration certificate?

Yes, OTS can supply certificates electronically. Just request this when you order.

Why calibrate a new product?

There are four key reasons to calibrate from new:

NABL certification
Under NABL rules, customers holding a NABL certificate must have all new test and measurement equipment related to their service provision, calibrated to NABL standard.

ISO 9001:2008 requirement
Customers who are ISO 9001:2008 registered must have a traceable record of calibration for finished products. Calibrating new test and measurement equipment to a minimum of OTS standard is recommended.

Shelf life
Although, in general, new test and measurement products are accurate when leaving the manufacturer, they may have been stored or in transit for some time before being sold, which could affect accuracy of readings. Calibration of the new product is therefore recommended.

Calibration when new gives a benchmark against which to gauge future performance.

Why is regular calibration important?

Over time, instrument readings may change. Reasons for this include wear and tear or exposure to temperature variation. To test for accuracy, our technicians apply a variety of known values to the instrument and record the actual value displayed. Any variance is recorded on a calibration certificate. You can then interpret accurately the reading shown by referring to the certified information.

Regular calibration is essential to maintain compliance, whatever your industry.

Maintaining accuracy of test equipment will:

• Have legal implications in many businesses
• Reduce risk to health and safety
• Reduce costs associated with non compliance and insurance claims
• Provide peace of mind for organizations with whom ultimate responsibility rests

Why is supplier selection important?

Choosing OTS Calibration as your accredited supplier ensures that you are making a confident and informed choice about the quality and reliability of the service you will receive. NABL accreditation is an assurance to businesses that suppliers meet internationally recognised requirements for integrity and competence through conformity assessment.

You can be confident that calibration of your equipment has been carried out to the high standards required and that all measurements can be traced back to international standards.

How long does calibration of new equipment take?

Ordering calibrated equipment from new, adds just 24 hours to your normal delivery time. Our in-house state-of-the-art calibration laboratory could not be closer to our despatch department. This means we waste no time in selecting your product, calibrating it, producing a certificate and sending the goods on to you.

How long does calibration of my existing instrument take?

OTS can collect your existing equipment, calibrate and return it within 3 working days. This saves you time and ensures that your instrument is back with you quickly and securely.

What are the risks of using non-accredited services?

There are companies who will provide calibration certificates for what appears to be a low cost and immediate solution. If these companies are not accredited or cannot demonstrate that measurements are traceable to international standards, their certification will not always be widely accepted.

Risks may include:

• Rejection
• Loss of contracts
• Limited market access
• Damaged reputation
• Loss of market share
• Potential legal action

Certification generated by OTS NABL accredited laboratory will demonstrate to your customers that your quality management is best in class and compliance has been maintained.

What is the OTS address?

OTS (Pvt.) Limited
45 East Tejturi Bajar
Tezgaon Dhaka-1215