OTS : First and only accredited Calibration Lab in Myanmar


We sell full range of Calibrated Materials from our World Renowned Partners:

We are the largest source for calibrated materials in Myanmar. Below is only a partial list of available calibrated materials.  Please contact us at +8801755585553-7 or mail us at info@otsmm.com with your requirement.

- Steel Rulers
- Tapes
- Calipers
- Feeler Gauges
- Micrometer
- Dial Gauge
& Many more..

- Pipette
- Flasks
- Burette
- Measuring Cylinders & Many more..

- Calibrated Weights
- Weight Set (1 mg to 500 g or 1 mg to 1 kg)
- Weighing Scale

- Thermometers (All Ranges)
- Oven/Incubator
- Muffle Furnaces
- Water Bath
- Freezers (All ranges)

- Pressure Gauge
- Vacuum Gauge
- Low pressure Gauge

- Tachometer
- Stroboscope

- Universal Tensile Testing Machine
- Button Pull Tester
- Hardness Tester

- Sound level meter

Other Equipment:
- Sample Cutter
- Verivide Light Box
- pH Meter
- Lux Meter
- Crockmaster
- Washing Machine
- Gyrowash
- Shakers


Calibrated Steel Rulers and Tapes:

As specified in many International standards for the measurement of fabric width and length, also measurement and marking of fabric samples before or after testing. Supplied with ISO 17025 Calibration Certificates. Available in 12″”/300mm, 24″”/600mm and 39″”/1000mm lengths with metric and imperial markings. Flexible Steel tape measure 117″”/3000mm with ISO 17025 Calibration Certificate.



Laboratory Calibrated Glassware:

Why use OTS Glass?

You can benefit from our unbeatable combination of products, services and skills:

- No minimum orders
Short lead times and competitive prices because we calibrate in-house
- Friendly, knowledgeable team that understand your requirements
Calibration of glassware – new and existing items to any standard with certificates of accuracy.

Certified Weights and Weight Sets:
Cast Iron Grip Handle WeightsWeight sets and individual weights

In addition to our calibration capabilities, OTS  offers economical, fast, and highly reliable certified weights and weight sets. 

OTS offers the most comprehensive selection offering of Calibration Masses and Mass Standards:

- Any Size – from 50 micrograms to 2000 kg (.00001oz to 5000 lbs)
Any Denomination – metric, avoirdupois, troy ounce, grain, pennyweight, carat, other standards or even custom weights.
Any Tolerance – including all ANSI/ASTM, NIST, OIML classes, F-Class (commercial) – or special tolerances such as UltraClass or a customer designated tolerance.
Any Material – including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, nichrome, cast iron, steel, gold, silver, titanium, and more.
Any Shape – slotted, hook, bar, cylindrical, flat, dish, cube, etc.